Herbal Green Peel

How do celebrities keep their skin youthful?
With Herbal Green Peels! Safe, effective, 100% natural, non-synthetic, powerful herbal skin peel that regenerates fresher, healthier, younger-looking skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne and scars. The Herbal Green Peel is safe to use on all skin types and conditions regardless of ethnicity.
The success achieved with herbal peeling treatments may be compared with the result of chemical peelings, dermabrasion or the application of Retinoic Acid derivatives. Because there are no chemicals, it reduces risks and side-effects.

The herbal formula is:
Natural and organic
Medically developed
Plant and herb based

Herbal peeling treatments are ideal for:
Oily skin, open pores
Poorly nourished skin, coarse skin with a rough appearance
Skin impurities, acne, pimples
Fine lines and wrinkles
Large pored skin, coarse texture of the skin
Follicle hyper-keratinisation, thickening of the epidermis
Prematurely aging (atrophic) skin, sun damage, elasticity
Slightly slackened face contours, loose or flabby skin
Skin discoloration: hyper (too much) pigmentation
Sreckles and sun spots
Stretch marks


What is the Herbal Green Peel?

The Herbal Green Peel is an exclusive blend of plants and natural herbs that causes only the dead layers of skin to separate and lift away from the healthy layer below. Because of this unique formulation there is little to no risk of hyperpigmentation.

What can the Herbal Green Peel do for me?

The Green Peel is for you if you are concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne, or scarring and if you are comfortable with a small amount of downtime to achieve maximum results.

How does the Herbal Green Peel Work?

The Herbal Green Peel slows the aging process while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and scars. The primary cause of aging skin is the suns’ ultra violet rays but diet, pollution, alcohol, cigarettes, hormones and environmental assaults play a big role in damaging the skin.
To reverse these effects, the Herbal Green Peel fortifies the skin’s natural repair functions, strengthens skin’s protective mechanism and rebuilds tissue lost to either aging or acne. This product helps the skin to exfoliate all excess build up of dead skin on the surface. It helps to produce natural collagen and elastin in the skin for proper moisture balance.  Skin will regain glow and elasticity as well as firm the skin. The Herbal Green Peel will minimize surface wrinkles, soften facial lines and restore the skin to a more youthful state with a fresh luster.  The Herbal Green Peel will not only reverse the harm done to your skin but will reduce the impact of future damage.

Can you tell me about the actual Herbal Green Peel procedure at Skin Clinic?

Before the treatment, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated. The Herbal Green Peel is applied to the face and then massaged into the skin section by section. The client controls the depth of the peel according to tolerance level. The Herbal Green Peel is then left on the skin for varying amounts of time according to skin type and the condition being treated. The peel is then removed and sunscreen is applied. Redness is common immediately after the procedure. Tightness, tingling and peeling will occur over the course of several days, depending on the depth of the peel.

How does the skin look after the treatment?

After the treatment, for a couple of days, the skin may be red and slightly irritated similar to a mild sunburn may be experienced.
Three to four days later…exfoliated skin begins falling away. During this time you can work normally and should not need to take time off, but most find it best to schedule these days to fall on weekends when there is not much to do.

On the fourth or fifth day…a follow-up treatment takes place. We will massage and use a rich active preparation on the new skin, which is now very absorbent. There is no redness on the resurfaced skin. The complexion is considerably improved—fresh, clear and radiant.
Each person will respond differently to the Herbal Green Peel depending on his or her metabolism. The vast majority peels on days four and five, but in exceptional cases peeling can come on day three, or not at all. The extent of peeling is not indicative of the success of the peel due to the complexity of the treatment.

How does the skin peel when no “chemical” substances are used?

The Herbal Green Peel mixture contains natural ingredients proven elsewhere as circulatory stimulants, as gentle exfoliates, as absorbable by the skin, as full of a variety of nutrients and vitamins, and as anti-inflammatory.
Herbal Green Peels exclusive blend of organic ingredients, attaches only to the dead layer of skin and causes it to separate and peel away from the healthy layer below.

How many Herbal Green Peel treatments are needed?

Number of treatments is determined by skin type and condition being treated.

What is the cost of the Herbal Green Peel at Skin Clinic?

The cost of this peel depends on the size of the area being treated. Multi-treatment packages are available.

Is the Herbal Green Peel painful?

Most clients experience some discomfort during the application massage of the Herbal Green Peel. You can ask your clinician to ease off on the massage but keep in mind that a longer massage will result in a deeper peel. The deeper the peel – the better the results.

Who is NOT a good candidate for the Herbal Green Peel?

Clients who have seafood allergies.

The following skin conditions cannot be treated:

Skin infections
Recently waxed skin
Recently sunburned skin
Collagen injections (peel can be performed with the injection area avoided)

Those clients taking the following medications:
Retin- A
Cytostatics (cancer medications)
Tretinoin (acne medication)
Accutane (acne medication)
Anti-Depressants containing St. Johns Wort
Breathing medications like Prednisone
Arthritis medications like Kenalog
Blood thinners like Plavix and Pletal

What should I do before my Herbal Green Peel at Skin Clinic?

Two weeks prior to your peel-typical recommendations include cleansing, moisturizing morning and night as well as using sunscreen daily.
Clients using retinols, alpha-hydroxy, prescription or over the counter topical acne medications or any product which is drying or irritating must stop the product at least two weeks before the peel. This will help to avoid excessive peeling, exfoliation and irritation. These products may be resumed as tolerated when there is no irritation, usually approximately 3 – 5 days after the Herbal Green Peel treatment.

What are the risks of Herbal Green Peels?

Herbal Green Peels are extremely safe, although minor irritation, peeling, redness and although rare, discoloration can occur.

What should I use at home to maintain the condition of my skin after my Herbal Green Peel treatment at Skin Clinic?

Your clinician will advise you on post-peel skin care. You may resume regular skincare 3-5 days after a peel or once redness or peeling is no longer apparent. Your clinician will advise you of the products that will be most beneficial for your skin type and condition and to maximize results from your peel treatment. Sun protection is a must!

How long after a Green Peel before I can return to normal activities?

After your treatment at Skin Clinic your skin will be flushed, and you will have a similar feeling to slight sunburn. Over the next two or three days the top layer on your skin will gradually become tighter and dryer, and will eventually start to peel. On the days of the peeling you may decide to stay home so that you can follow home-care instructions as best as possible. You will also need to call your clinician to make an appointment for your post peel treatment. Hot showers, hot tubs and saunas should be avoided.

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